Welcome to Clonakilty Favour Exchange

CFE is a skills and labour exchange system.  It is open, voluntary and does not involve the making or spending of money.  It is at heart "an economy of goodwill" with its own currency, the favour.  This website explains  how CFE works and how you can join us.

What is CFE?
Maybe you have a large job to do like digging your garden or decorating your house and want to call a favour from others to help you - and to be able to pay them back in kind?  CFE makes that possible by connecting people who are willing to work for each other in this way while keeping a central directory of who can offer what and who has helped who.  The CFE system is designed to be effective, reliable and practical - and professionally maintained.
If you join the scheme your talents and skills or offers of labour will be listed for others in the scheme to see.  You will then have access to their skills and labour and they can call on you in return.  Each quarter-hour worked for someone else in the scheme gains a credit, each quarter-hour worked for you spends one.  An open register is kept of who has done what and to maintain a fair balance of time worked.  The system is open and democratic and aims to build a self-help community while sharing talents and time for the benefit of members.    Read more about what we do on the 'How it Works' page or contact us to ask any questions you might have.

Astna Square Clonakilty
If you want to read more about how CFE began, read our article about the origins of CFE

You can listen to an explanation of how it works on RTE's John Murray Show here